New Adventure Page Coming Soon!!!

Greetings, Ally here from Allysmission!

It has been quite a while since I commented. I would like to thank you all for your support during my run! It took a while for me to recover and regroup. I ran the Indianapolis marathon in October 2013, trained into the first part of winter. Then, I thought about what I really wanted to do on my run that I wasn’t able to accomplish on my first run. I wanted/needed to connect with carotid artery, traumatic brain injury and stroke survivors.

April, 21st 2016, I will be running from New York to Washington State. East Coast to West Coast into the wind like Terry Fox, taking this cross country run head on meeting with a group of survivors along the route. As I am loyal to my first sponsors, I am excited to introduce some new sponsors to my list! I will be blogging about my training and run.

So far I have some great old sponsors coming back and new additions to my blog and training.

Starting with:

Mark Balma, a famous presidential portrait painter, who I sold my RV from my first run to. He is letting my borrow my old RV for the cross country adventure run! I feel so blessed not only to have him as a friend, but learn how to paint from him and work with him as well!

logo2 a camera accessory company, will be helping me with a video blog! I am very blessed to have Brain as a friend and to work in his shop! I have learned so much from him.

header1 based in both Excelsior, Minnesota and Plymouth, Minnesota helping me with strength training to help me over those western mountainous states!

Fitsok logo blackin Chanhassen, Minnesota! I have been training with FitSok for four years! When you have a great pair of socks you know it! I have lived on about ‘only’ 12 pairs for four years!¬† I don’t own another type of sock. -Even wear them in my high heeled boots..shh….

aspirebeverages is a great to have sponsoring my next run! They are a great natural hydration sports drink! I was so excited to hear that John Montague was going to support me again! Looking forward to my cases of Aspire! These are great chilled in the freezer! -A great slushy treat to look forward to at the end of a run!!

ROLL Recovery out of Boulder, Colorado! Jeremy and Matt have been great to reconnect with! I love that I can take their R8 on the road with me! It is a wonderful addition! I loved having this tool on my last run across the country!

I am waiting on and looking for other sponsors. Additionally, I look forward to sharing other survivor stories with you as we get closer to the start of my run! I have connected with a dozen survivors I am attempting to schedule my route around and hopefully run or walk with. I am very excited to introduce them and share them with you!

Finally, I have a film company filming and documenting this run.